Working Together

I ask new clients for an initial commitment of 4 sessions over 2-3 months, to establish a regular rhythm of meeting together. After the first few sessions we can adjust our frequency.

In each session, we'll spend about an hour together exploring opportunities to practice justice, working to understand more clearly how mechanisms of oppression are operating, reflecting on your actions, decisions, feelings, and discussing what you might choose to do differently in the future.

I ask clients to hold 90 minutes for each session. Sessions run somewhere between 45-75 minutes, but I ask you to schedule 90 minutes both to ensure we'll have a spacious session and sot that you'll have dedicated time after the conversation to write, breathe, or start tackling next steps coming out of our time together.


My sliding scale is deliberately wide, $0-200 per session. As with all of the working agreements of our relationship, we'll set financial agreements together, based on your resources and needs.

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