©2019 by Mikayla Lytton. Photos by Mikayla and Kali Boehle-Silva.

I’ll be your partner in the journey

I’m not your opinionated “woke” friend. I’m not an expert with spreadsheets and cost-benefit analyses, or 500-page treatises on internalized white supremacy. I’m not going to tell you what (not) to do.


I will be your belay partner, supporting you in climbing steep, sometimes treacherous mountains towards living in line with your values, practicing for the future you want to live in, aligning your everyday ways of being and doing with your long-term vision for peace and justice. We'll do this primarily through hour-long coaching sessions, though sometimes I'll offer you resources (adjusted based on your preferred learning styles) or ask you to commit to specific steps between sessions.


  • I ask new clients for an initial commitment of 4 sessions over 2-3 months. It’s not a hard and fast rule, and after the first few sessions we can adjust our frequency, but I find it helpful to get in a groove at first.

In each session, we'll spend about an hour together talking, exploring where there may be opportunities to practice justice; understanding more clearly how mechanisms of oppression are operating; reflecting on your actions, decisions, feelings, and what you might choose to do differently in the future.

  • I'll ask you to hold 90 minutes for each session. Each session is somewhere between 45-75 minutes of us talking, but I ask coachees to hold 90 minutes on the assumption that we'll start late (though that may not be how your schedule works as much as with my other clients) and because I find clients benefit a lot from having some dedicated time after the conversation to write or just breathe or start tackling next steps coming out of our time together.


One of my greatest strengths is the ability to hold a both/and. Throughout the coaching relationship, I give my clients deep, unwavering compassion and firm accountability. Both intention and impact matter, and in our sessions together, I will continually acknowledge intention while attending to impact.

  • My sliding scale is deliberately wide, $0-200 per session. As with all of the working agreements of our relationship, we'll set financial agreements together, based on your resources and needs.

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