Areas of Focus

None of us chose to grow up in a white supremacist society. It’s not our fault that we’ve been taught these ways of thinking, being, acting. But it is our responsibility to do something about it -- to learn to recognize oppression in everyday life, to try doing and being different, and to reflect and learn from our attempts at right-relationship with ourselves and others.


Here are some of the ways my clients have worked towards fulfilling their responsibility to systems of power and oppression:

  • Building a deeper understanding & more intuitive identification of the ways white supremacy culture perpetuates itself even in well-meaning people.

  • Engaging white colleagues, friends, family members around racial and social justice. Doing this effectively (making concrete space for change), strategically (picking my battles), and compassionately (not sanctimoniously or self-righteously).

  • Creating a culture that practices what we preach, including so we can bring other organizations along with us in the conversation.

  • More deeply understanding my stake in dismantling white supremacy, and practicing ways of living as my future self -- the version of me who already lives more justly.

  • Building internal capacity in service of justice -- releasing over-confidence, reconnecting with empathy, processing pain and shame, limiting defensiveness.

  • Managing, supporting, and coaching colleagues of color, particularly when People of Color are underrepresented in the organization.

  • Supporting or creating caucus groups in organizations -- spaces for white folks to learn, support each other, hold ourselves accountable, build skill and understanding, etc. Creating ways for white institutions to be real allies with organizers and People of Color.

  • Making and executing a plan to make reparations, or to significantly shift financial resources towards Black people, Indigenous people, and other folks who have been very materially harmed by white supremacy.

  • Releasing my power within the organization I founded and have led, towards greater shared leadership, particularly with and by Black people and women.

  • Leaving a workplace that is supposedly working to address systemic inequality, but in practice, perpetuates white supremacy and injustice. Finding a job that is more in values-aligned and authentic in its practices.

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