I am white, class privileged, trans and queer. My education in racial and social justice comes primarily from community organizing, a lot of it working with other white people in the movement for racial justice. I've also benefited tremendously from transformative personal relationships and self-education.

In addition to coaching, I work as a consultant supporting nonprofits in becoming more inclusive and equitable, with a focus on race.

Photo by Rafael Woldeab.

​​​Some less formal/professional stuff about me: In my communities, self-liberation is a necessary component of collective liberation, and I actively invest in my healing and decolonization. I grew up Quaker and try to live by the tenets of peace, integrity, simplicity, equity, community, and stewardship. I have three nephews, and soon a niece. It is often their laughter that I turn to as a "reservoir of hope" (a term I learned from Angela Davis) when I feel most despairing, and it is often my pain in seeing their growing inoculation to the violence of the world that recommits me to the work.

I recently moved to York County, Pennsylvania, historically the home of the Susquehannock people. I don't know much yet about them or this land. I'm actively seeking information and relationships, and welcome any suggestions to you have to help me learn and grow.

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