Coaching for Racial & Social Justice

Interrupting the oppressive systems

that we live in,

that live in us.

Many (though not all) of my clients are white. Some of my clients are men, some are class-privileged, many are straight. Many of us are grappling with the ways we've been handed or expected to claim power over others -- including my clients who haven't been assigned power and privilege based on their identities. We want to be different leaders than we've been led by, than we see at the heads of many institutions.

My goal isn't to make better white people. The point isn't to be "good."

My goal is to interrupt the systems -- racial capitalism, white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, ableism, settler colonialism, xenophobia, and so on -- that extract life, labor, and land from the many to concentrate wealth and power in the hands of the very few. We can see these systems in our world, where a small number of (mostly white, male, christian, straight, currently not disabled) people have control over most of the power and resources. We can see them in our workplaces, where (usually) one (often white, male, christian, straight, currently not disabled) person sits at the top, getting the highest income and able to overrule most or all decisions.

We all have a stake in living and working differently, sometimes we're just not sure how or where to start. I'm excited about exploring that with you.

Client Reflection:

Mikayla is who I go to when I need support tying my values with my actions. Without their invaluable consulting and advice, I would be less thoughtful, less deliberate, and less radical in my work. I would also be a lot less confident.

— D, foundation executive director; white woman

What I offer

I approach coaching as collaborative exploration and problem-solving, using queries, affirmations, and reflections to unearth our collective brilliance. I bring a radical political analysis and commitment to ongoing learning. I intentionally cultivate compassion for all life, while also actively naming harm, ignorance, and bias when I recognize it. I try to interrupt oppression and domination at all levels (internal, interpersonal, institutional, systemic) and I'm really good at drawing the connections between those levels, naming how we live in systems that live inside us, our relationships, our families and communities and organizations. I offer my clients a generous mirror, space to reflect on the underlying beliefs that inform their decisions. I have some formal coaching training, though most of my practice comes from community organizing and leadership development.

Client Reflection:

“In our recent coaching session, Mikayla created an accessible entry point to the conversation, reflected a major ‘flash point’ in my understanding of my work’s purpose, suggested several resources that may be helpful to me in this journey, and drew a clear connection in how my experience was informed by white supremacy culture. I left with simple, clear follow up steps that I could take to carry forward the impact of the work we did together.”

—N, cultural worker, facilitator, coach; woman of color

Let's explore

I've benefited so much from others' investment in me, so I want to share my skills, energy, labor, and care as much as I'm able. My sliding scale is intentionally wide ($0-$150 per session) and some of my clients pay me by contributing to projects/organizations that I hope to see blossom in the world.

If what I’ve shared here resonates with you, I’d love to schedule an initial (free) session.

A loved one took this photo of me just after my last day at my government job, where I felt deeply out of line with my values, stuck in complicity with forces of white supremacy, and exhausted.

Client Reflection:

I always feel lighter, clearer after our conversations. I glean new levels of understanding each time and appreciate how they build on each other.

— F, nonprofit founder; white man

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